Made after a three year gap in production, the Seventh Series of Red Dwarf brought us two major changes. First, Rimmer disappears after the second show (this being causes by Chris Barrie having some scheduling troubles) although we do get to see him in flashbacks and dreams in two other episodes.
Secondly, Dave finally gets back Kochanski. Well, actually they find a version of Kochanski from an alternate reality where she was the last survivor of the Red Dwarf disaster (that's the babe in the picture above, incidentially)

Tikka to Ride: After a battle with their future selves, the crew find Starbug cargo deck to be much bigger and all of Lister's curry supply destroyed. This drives Lister to show what a desperate, curry starved man can do as he comendeers a time machine to get a vindalloo.

Stoke Me a Clipper: Ace Rimmer returns to reveal that he is near death and that he wants his parallel counterpart to take his place as the universe's greatest hero.

Ouroboros: The three remaining crew stumble upon the Red Dwarf crew of another deminsion. And to Dave's suprise one of them is Kristine Kochanski.

Duct Soup: The engines fail and the crew become locked in Dave's room. They must make it throught the heating ducts in order to escape death in a nearby sun. Now if only they could get past Kryten's jealousy of Kochanski, Dave's clusterphobia and Cat's... well, being himself.

Blue: Lister suffers a severe depression as he realizes Rimmer is really gone. It gets even worse when he starts dreaming about the biggest bastard in the world. Perhaps a VR ride through the "Rimmer Experience" will cure him....

Beyond a Joke:Kryten blows his top and needs new parts. The crew must break on board a stimulant ship in order to save Kryten.

Epideme:Developed to curb urges to smoke, drink or do anything to excess, the Epideme virus also proved effective in stopping people's urges to breathe. And Dave just caught it.

Nanarchy:The crew finally catch up with Red Dwarf, having found it to have been captured by Kryten's rebellious nanite repair droids.